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This question was answered on Mon 27, Mar 2017 07:19am by pdesr

Question: Recent YA mystery - high school friends find body in wall of house, murderer is police officer

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Asked by kfanucchi on Fri 17, Mar 2017 11:54am :
*Might be teen or adult book*

Mom and daughter move around frequently, daughter doesn't get close to
anyone. They move into an old house and she befriends a boy and girl at her
school. The female friend's father is a police officer. They find a body
hidden in the wall of the old house, and it turns out the police officer
killed someone many years ago and hid the evidence there.

I'm a librarian looking for this book for one of my teen patrons, so it is
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Answer by pdesr on Mon 27, Mar 2017 07:19am:
Maybe Brooklyn Bones by Triss Stein.

"When overworked, underpaid grad student Erica Donato’s contractor, Joe,
knocks down a wall while fixing up her little Park Slope home, he finds the
last thing either of them expects or wants: a small skeleton tucked into
the wall. Erica’s teenage daughter, Chris, feels a connection with what she
dubs “our girl,” perhaps since the mysterious bones are clearly those of a
girl close to Chris’ age. When Chris starts to investigate, Erica receives
a vague but menacing warning of the dangers of Chris’ involvement. Instead
of waiting for more specific threats, Erica takes up Uncle Rick’s offer to
send Chris to camp. But the detective bug takes hold of Erica in Chris’
absence, and before she knows what’s happening, her eye for history has her
trying to understand the secret of their skeleton. The stakes get higher
when someone close to her is murdered, and she comes to believe that
whoever was hiding the skeleton may have something more to lose. Her search
teams her up with a curmudgeonly ex-journalist who may know a little too
much about the old neighborhood. Now Erica needs to make fast decisions
about whom she can trust before she’s in danger of her own."

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