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Question: Orphans from the future named after roles?

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Asked by skittlemcgriddle on Fri 17, Mar 2017 08:46pm :
I need to remember this ASAP! This is a book about children (some teens,
some younger i believe) who have no parents. They are traveling for some
reason, but i don't remember. I do know that they are named after their
roles in their party. Hunter goes out and finds supplies, so they named him
that. I think there were 2 other characters, Mother and Teddy, but those
names might not be right. I do remember Teddy being a younger child. In one
part of the book they have an kettle or pot or something and they use it to
get clean water from a dirty body of water (a river i think?). I
encountered this book in the 6th grade back in 2012. It is key that I get
an answer soon, or I'll look like a huge idiot in front of my friends and
girlfriend (long story). Thank you
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Comment by squish on Fri 17, Mar 2017 09:24pm:
Fire-Us: The Kindling by Jennifer Armstrong.

The Fire-us trilogy gets
off to a dynamic start in this first entry set in 2007, five years after
a catastrophic virus has apparently killed all the adults and nearly
everyone else. Seven children seem to be the only survivors. They live
as a family in a run-down house in a small Florida town; none of them
remembers much about the Before Time. Teenage Teacher is the oldest and
the keeper of The Book, a carefully constructed scrapbook in which she
finds inspiration for the group. Mommy and Hunter are also teens; Action
Figure, Teddy Bear, Baby, and Doll are younger children. Then teenage
Anchorman (dubbed Angerman by the little ones) shows up and convinces
the family to join him on a long trek to Washington, D.C., to find a
Grown-up called President.


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