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Question: Book based on a boy and a girl.

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Asked by i need this book on Sat 18, Mar 2017 12:07pm :
So this book is based on a boy and a girl. The boy is considered a
terrorist by the government and the girl works for the government with her
brother. She scored a perfect score on a test which made the government put
her on the case to find the boy. The boy in the process of trying to get
medicine for his family is framed for the murder of the girls brother. The
boy is terrorizing the government because for on e of the reasons they
tried to kill him because he supposedly scored really low on that test that
girl girl also took. The boy and girl end up having a romance thing. This
all takes places in a separated United States, two nations emerged from one
and they are still fighting. In the story Antarctica and Africa are the two
most powerful nations. Antarctica is a lot of the worlds scientists
building the perfect society. Towards the end of the book the boy somehow
loses his memory and he forgets the girl. Years later they reconnect and he
slightly remember the girl and that's the end of the book. I have been
seaching for forever it seems and any help would be appreciated.
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Comment by gabbygat on Mon 20, Mar 2017 07:20am:
Sounds like Legend by Marie lu


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