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This question was answered on Mon 27, Mar 2017 07:25am by drusilia

Question: [RESOLVED] Book from 90s or 00s - Boy discovers obsession with fire and burns down school

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Asked by drusilia on Sat 18, Mar 2017 02:35pm :
I read this book in high school, it wasn't even particularly good but it's
annoying me that I can't find it anywhere. I don't remember the author or
the title clearly.

I read the book in 2012 or so. It wasn't new then, I'm sure the characters
carried mobile phones so I would guess a publication date of the late 90s
to the end of the 00s. I would describe it as young adult fiction,
definitely not for young children or teens, probably 16+ since there was
definitely drug use and swearing, possibly sex.

The title was either a boy's name or a word relating to fire. The cover had
a lot of fire colours (oranges, yellows, reds) and maybe a picture of a

The main character is a teenage boy. He has a close friend who spends a lot
of time at his house and one of them has an absent parent and they smoke
weed at that friend's house. Through the smoking he realises he has an
obsession with fire and starts burning things. At one point he burns down
an abandoned warehouse or some other abandoned building and is worried he
might get caught. He pines over some girl from his school for most of the
book. I think there's a part where his friend had been dealing weed and
hadn't sold enough and was on the wrong side of his supplier and the main
character and his friend go to a club and get beat up, or narrowly escape
being beat up. At the end the main character sets fire to his school and
gets trapped inside for a time before escaping and the book ends not long

Anybody got any ideas what this book could be?
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Answer by drusilia on Mon 27, Mar 2017 07:25am:
Someone found it. It's Kerosene by Chris Wooding

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