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Question: Starts with a girl going to a school dance and scuffimg her saddle shoes

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Asked by nymphadora on Sat 18, Mar 2017 03:18pm :
This is a book i didnt finish when i was in middle school i believe 2004 or
2005 (though it may have been 02-05). The book was set in the 50s or 60s,
there was a girl who went to a school dance and wore saddle shoes. She
danced with an older popular guy and scuffed her shoes on his. She goes
home and polishes her shoes thinking about the night. Im sorry i don't have
more details, but im on a mission to finish this book and any leads are
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Comment by sallievern on Sat 18, Mar 2017 04:01pm:
and Johnny" by Beverly Cleary "going into excruciating detail
about the various plot arcs of the Beverly Cleary novel Jean and Johnny
the other night with Larry. Down to the part where Jean is polishing
her saddle shoes and removing the black marks that Johnny’s shoes left
there, and how she imagines that when Johnny polishes his shoes, he
will think of her."
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