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Question: 1990s Yellow cover. About a cat. Possibly thrown out of home. Puffin.

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Asked by bookster88 on Sat 18, Mar 2017 05:40pm :
Cover also featured the colour blue and an image of a black cat. Possibly
published by Puffin.

Vague memory of fish being involved. Fiction. I'd have been between 8-12
years old when first read. 
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Comment by squish on Sat 18, Mar 2017 07:43pm:
Varjak Paw by S.F. Said, illustrated by Dave McKean? 2003, so maybe a
bit too late.
Comment by bookster88 on Sun 19, Mar 2017 12:21pm:
Thanks but not this. Was definitely published before 2000. The cover was
bright yellow.


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