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Question: Book possible written in the last 5 years - Detective? following the trail of a mystery with supernatral revelation.

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Asked by icarussable on Sun 19, Mar 2017 12:20am :
I would like to know the title of a fantasy mystery I read five years ago.
The book involved a detective,not sure, that was married to a woman that
was blind. His case leads him on a strange journey which involves his
wife's. She recounts a how she came to be blind during a seance she
attended with a small group in a cemetery  while dating her husband in
college. The detective refused to accompany her and her friends on this
seance. His wife recounted that during this  seance the group "awoke" a
demon ,"the noon day demon". This demon transported them to another realm
were each individual was changed by other demons that altered them in way
that affected them for the rest lives. None of them remembered what
happened except for the detective's wife. These revelation were reveal to
his wife by the a demon she meet that smelled of feces. The detective's
wife confession has something to do with the case he is working on but I
cannot remember how.
Please help me find this title I would like to reread this book. 
Thank You.
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