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Question: I found it in my collection! The Ancient Future, by Traci Harding. Scottish? time travel book. NOT Outlander

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Asked by alexismerle on Sun 19, Mar 2017 02:31am :
I'm looking for a book that is similar to outlander. I read it roughly 4-6
years ago. 
The details I remember are vague and I've been searching through hundreds
of books in my collection and online to find it, but no luck.

I remember the main character was female. I think her brother had died, she
left and then she was in a car accident or something and ended up sleeping
in a stone circle like Stonehenge. She had her brother's leather jacket.
She ends up back in time, in Scotland or Ireland? Meets a guy and marries
him, 90% sure his name starts with M. They both time travel back to her
time, and then back to his time so he can meet her family.. 

Sorry it's confusing, but I hope someone has read it and knows what I'm
talking about 
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Comment by magjay dee on Wed 22, Mar 2017 03:58pm:
Sounds very similar to Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux
Comment by alexismerle on Wed 22, Mar 2017 06:26pm:
It's not.. I had a read of the first chapter, and it is completely
Comment by laungel on Fri 14, Apr 2017 05:28pm:
Lynn Kurland Macleod series?  Perhaps A Dance Through Time (she falls
asleep in a park and ends up in Scotland)


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