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This question was answered on Mon 27, Mar 2017 07:00am by sallievern

Question: Medieval Romance book search

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Asked by kim94 on Sun 19, Mar 2017 06:51am :
I do not remember the title or author, but I remember much about the book.

Here is the points I remember. 
- I think book is published in 1990s or early 2000s
- the book's setting is 1200s England 
- main character is young girl with blonde hair and gray eyes 
- girl is sent to live with a noble family to be a playmate with the noble
family's daughter. Later on, the noble family's daughter is set to marry a
Prince William, but he is lost a sea, so she becomes a nun. 
- the main character's family is peasants who work for this noble family
-start of book- the main character meets the son (whom she falls in love
with) in the woods. I think she is near a creek and he is riding a horse. 
- the noble family has two boys and one girl. The oldest son is very shy
and nevers marries. 
- the main character at age 13 is forced to marry a mean old man with whom
she has a children with. He makes her wear strict plain clothing and is
very cruel. He ends up dying and leaves her with a wheat or grain mill to
- the noble family's mother is very jealous that her daughter can't be like
the main character. the mother tries to make the main character's life a
living hell. When the main character is left with the grain mill, the
mother tries to take away the grain mill by saying that the main character
committed a crime. the main character ends up losing her mill. 
- at a party the son writes a note to another girl, but he puts down "to a
girl with blonde hair and gray eyes". the girl corrects him by saying that
she has blue eyes instead of gray. 
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Answer by sallievern on Mon 27, Mar 2017 07:00am:
"Afton of Margate Castle" (Book 1 of The Knights Chronicles) by Angela
Elwell Hunt
"In this tale of medieval lords and serfs, a peasant girl is taken from her
family to be raised as the earl's daughter -- an account of adventure,
romance, and struggle to survive desperate times.

Beautiful, headstrong Afton is taken from her parents at an early age and
raised in the castle, a companion to the Earl's daughter. Schooled in the
ways of kings and surrounded by splendor. Afton falls in love with the
Earl's son, Calhoun.

But Calhoun's mother has much different plans for her son than marriage to
a lowborn lady’s companion.

When Afton's world is viciously torn apart, she is left with nothing but a
burning desire for vengeance."


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Comment by kim94 on Mon 20, Mar 2017 07:30pm:
Thanks so much! the book has been found!!!


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