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This question was answered on Mon 20, Mar 2017 03:52am by sallievern

Question: ANSWERED Early 70s--Doll with dress spun by spiders, gold bead necklace that comes off

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Asked by karag123 on Sun 19, Mar 2017 09:35am :
I read this book in the early 70s. It's about a doll presented to a little
girl after being stored away somewhere (an attic?) for a long time. Spiders
and other little creatures get together to make her a new dress (and hair,
maybe) to make sure the little girl will love her. 

They even find a gold bead that they make into a pendant for the doll to
wear but before the little girl receives the doll the necklace breaks and
the bead rolls into the grass somewhere. It's spotted by a vagrant who
picks it up and bites down on it and then smiles at his good fortune at
spotting it. 
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Answer by sallievern on Mon 20, Mar 2017 03:52am:
"The Little Wooden Doll" by Margery Williams Bianco
"Rose, the wooden doll living in an attic and forgotten by humans, is not
lonely at all. She has her mice friends who go everywhere and bring her
news, spiders who are friendly most of the time, and the old spider who is
a philosopher because he has read all the books in the attic; he is not
always chipper, the rumor being he had been disappointed in love. Then she
has the bumble bee, the spotted butterfly, and the swallow that stop by and
bring news. Later in the story, Rose has the mouse-friend who suggests a
dress for her, the spiders who spin the dress, the flowers that give her
make-up and color for her face, the moths that lend her some velvet off
their wings for her cloak, the foxglove and lady-slipper that send her
gloves and shoes, and the swallow that informs her of a possible new

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Comment by karag123 on Sun 19, Mar 2017 05:06pm:
That's the one! Awesome! Thank you! :)


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