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Question: Book of stories, green-gold cover

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Asked by bela_the_horse on Mon 20, Mar 2017 12:23pm :
The cover had a clock with a face on it, which was holographic and would
change its expression and time, and a sunny field with animals in it. The
stories were mostly about animals, I believe. The one I remember most was a
little sheep who slept in the field with her sheep family. The sheep
couldn't sleep, and its mother told it to count the stars--but the next
night it was cloudy, so she told it to count the trees(?) But the night
after THAT, they moved to a place where there were no trees and it was
still cloudy. So the mother sheep told it to count the other sheep, the
family, because they would always be there.
Read it in 2003-2004.
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