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Question: [ANSWERED] Person under house arrest finds out neighbor is murdering people

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Asked by bela_the_horse on Mon 20, Mar 2017 12:26pm :
He couldn't do anything about it, being under house arrest, so he had to
stop him from inside his own house.
Possibly Stephen King? From the nineties/early 2000s, I believe. I never
even read it, I just heard about it. It might have even been a
movie...sorry if this is the case.
Thank you~
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Comment by sallievern on Mon 20, Mar 2017 01:43pm:
"Disturbia", the 2007 Shia LaBeouf movie matches your
description "...For the assault, he is sentenced by a sympathetic judge
to three months under house arrest with an ankle monitor and a proximity
sensor. Detective Parker (Viola Davis) explains the do's and don'ts of
the system to Kale & Julie. The officer (Jose Pablo Cantillo) joyfully
monitoring him follows suit by informing him that he is his teacher's
cousin. Initially, he satiates his boredom by playing video games but,
shortly thereafter, Julie logs out his subscriptions to the iTunes Music
Store and Xbox Live and cuts the power cord of his television to get him
to learn a lesson. Kale's boredom leads him to watch the neighborhood,
including the two neighbor boys who play pranks on him, his next-door
neighbor Robert Turner (David Morse), and Ashley Carlson (Sarah Roemer),
the new girl in town. One night, Kale becomes suspicious of Robert
Turner, who returns home in a 1967 Ford Mustang with a dented fender
that matches the description given on a news report of an errant serial
Comment by bela_the_horse on Mon 20, Mar 2017 08:53pm:
Yes, this was it! I remember finding it the first time when I was
looking up the Rihanna song by the same name. Thank you!


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