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Question: Old childrens book about a castle in which king is short and queen is overly tall

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Asked by umireva on Sun 02, Apr 2017 07:05am :
The book has a purple cover with the king being illustrated as very short
with the queen being shown as bery tall i specifically remmeber a drawing
in the book showing the king sitting on a toilet.

I would love to find this book as it is my brohters childhood favourite and
i would love to get it for him.
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Comment by pdesr on Fri 07, Apr 2017 08:18am:
Your description reminds me of "The Little King" by Otto Soglow, but I
don't know if they were ever collected in book form, other
Comment by pdesr on Fri 07, Apr 2017 08:55am:
Actually, there was a book published in 1933 titled "The Little King" by
Otto Soglow. I didn't find a cover picture, but there are copies
available at abe book sellers.


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