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Question: [ANSWERED] Pixie Hollow I Spy thing, came with lanterns

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Asked by bela_the_horse on Sun 02, Apr 2017 09:02pm :
Years ago my little sister got this book about Pixie Hollow that came with
little lanterns. I know I can find a thousand different books easily about
Pixie Hollow; the thing is, I'm looking for a very specific one. It had the
most gorgeous illustrations in it. I don't remember the cover well, but I
feel like it was white with some simple flower designs on it. She was no
older than eight, so it was around 2007-2008. It definitely came with
little fairy-house lanterns--she kept those things so long we finally found
them in her closet and didn't know what they were. The book was kind of
like I Spy, with lists of things to find on each page, and the pages were
all pictures of different fairies' houses. I would really like to find it
for her, since her old lanterns didn't really work and she lost the book.
The illustrations were amazingly detailed; we looked at that book for hours
upon hours. I would be really grateful for a link to it somewhere I can
preview a page or two and see if it's the same book, or at least the cover.

Thank you very much~
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Comment by catangel on Sat 22, Apr 2017 10:35pm:
hmm i'm not sure about the lanterns that came with the book, but The
Hidden World of Fairies by Tennant Redbank matches the cover you
Comment by bela_the_horse on Sun 23, Apr 2017 11:35am:
This might just be it! I'll have to check it out. Thank you:)


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