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Question: Book from 1990s - young woman trying to overthrow a society that's devoted to magic and where technology is illegal.

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Asked by choppers on Wed 05, Apr 2017 08:33pm :
More details: she is a member of a resistance movement to bring down the
government. She has magical powers. Turns out her father who she doesnt
know is extremely strong with magic but he left the world and is in a
technology rich world similar to earth. The book also follows a man who's
sent to find her father. I can't remember if the woman and man know each
other. People are born into certain castes (ie: farmers, servants, etc)
where they're expected to work and live their whole lives. At one point the
woman is hidden in a village in an underground cavern that has been
magically modified to be a garden. The man succeeds in finding her father,
who reluctantly returns and topples the government. A crystal or orb may
have been involved. This book may have been a sequel; if so, I did not read
the previous book. 
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