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Question: Book about boy living with priests(?) Might be assassin related?

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Asked by fatface317 on Fri 07, Apr 2017 05:00pm :
Okay I know this is super unhelpful but can't find this book anywhere.. not
even sure if I've got the details right!
What I remember:

A young boy (an orphan I think) lives with these priests and lots of other
boys.. I think they might have been training them to be assassins (again
slightly unsure about this sorry!)

The main thing I remember is the boy at one point keeps saying "Mea culpa
mea culpa mea maxima culpa" or something of the sorts...
Read this book about 6 years ago (2011 maybe 2012) I want to say and
believe it might have just been out at the time! 
Again sorry for terrible details just hoping that MAYBE someone might know
what I'm talking about aha

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Comment by ikhnos on Tue 11, Apr 2017 07:18am:
"The Left Hand of God", by Paul Hoffman.
Comment by fatface317 on Wed 19, Apr 2017 03:10pm:
holy crap i love you thank you!!!


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