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This question was answered on Sun 09, Apr 2017 11:33pm by alicealice

Question: 70's/80's YA novel, writer(?) girl with glasses living in apartment building

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Asked by alicealice on Sat 08, Apr 2017 02:35pm :
Here's a shot in the dark--my memory about this book is so vague, but I
remember checking it out of my library a few times. As close as I can
remember, it was about a young girl living in an apartment building. I
think her parents were divorced and they were not rich. Something of a
coming-of-age story...she makes friends with people in the building; I
remember one is a man who is a bartender and makes her "shooters" of Coca
Cola which he slides down the bar to her. Another scene I remember is a
neighbor in a fancy dressing gown comes by to use her mother's phone and
says "I'll reimburse you" (I remember learning the meaning of "reimburse"
from that scene). This neighbor may be the mother of another girl she
becomes reluctantly friends with? The main character girl is smart and
cynical and wears dark framed glasses. She might be a writer? This was a
chapter book aimed at YA; I must have read it in the early 90's but I think
it was from the 70's or 80's. 

It was a paperback, I think with an orange cover featuring a brick
building. The illustrations inside were maybe 2-3 each chapter, very spare
and not super realistic black line drawings. 
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Answer by alicealice on Sun 09, Apr 2017 11:33pm:
OK I figured out my own question! It was "A Girl Called Al" by Constance
Green. I was confusing the narrator with the friend she narrates about. 

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Comment by squish on Sat 08, Apr 2017 07:32pm:
Anastasia Krupnik by Lois Lowry?
Comment by alicealice on Sun 09, Apr 2017 07:59pm:
Sadly not the Anastasia books (which I did love though!). In my memory,
this girl is older than Anastasia and less goofy--more jaded, cynical,
reluctant. I think it was aimed at a slightly older reader too.
Comment by bookel on Sun 09, Apr 2017 11:33pm:
Glad you found it, I've begun reading it. Sounds good. I was trying to
find it but hadn't got far. I think I've heard of that title but never
read it before.
Comment by bookel on Mon 10, Apr 2017 03:19am:
For your info: there's a series of Al


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