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Question: 90's short YA novel, middle child girl, birthday, crushes on boy, mom is copywriter, purple cover, bra size club

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Asked by alicealice on Sat 08, Apr 2017 03:28pm :
I read this in the mid 90's and I think it was published around then too.
It was a short paperback chapter book with a purple (and turquoise?) cover
with a realistic illustration featuring a brown-haired girl blowing a
bubble. She was a middle child, I think her older sister was perfect and
athletic, and her younger brother was spoiled. Her mother works from home
as a copywriter, she helps her mother come up with the name for a style of
dinnerware. She names it "Evergreen" and later in the book at her birthday,
her mother gives her the check from the job since she came up with the
name. She has a crush on a boy named Jeremy and they eat pizza together. I
might be remembering this part from another book, but I think she also has
a group of girlfriends who call themselves "The Triple A's" based on their
bra size. I think one of the girls is named Kelly, and one of the girls
(maybe Kelly?) only wears red, black and white. They are going through
friendship conflicts and the club starts breaking up; someone wants to
change the name because she outgrew that bra size (incidentally if that
isn't in this book, I'd like to know that book too!). 
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Comment by leb on Wed 31, May 2017 08:13pm:
Part of this sounds like "The Lump in the Middle", but parts of it
don't. Worth checking out though!


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