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Question: 1990s YA fantasy novel set in india, a boy, a brahmin, an umbrella

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Asked by dobbysox on Tue 11, Apr 2017 12:57pm :
Looking for a book I read in the 1990s (1996 or 97). Here is what I
Young Adult Fantasy, sort of an epic novel
A boy goes on a journey to save something, maybe a prince?
Every character in the book is on a different caste level
One character is a Brahmin with a purple umbrella that he loves -- I
specifically remember crying at the end of this book b/c he loses the
umbrella and gets it back.
there may have been a tiger, and I think the boy has to play some sort of
chess game near the end.
I think this book started with an M?

Thank you so much for any help!
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