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Question: 1990s Stars Go On Vacation

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Asked by msteacherlady on Wed 12, Apr 2017 05:59am :
When I was in the third grade my teacher read a but to my class.  It was
about stars that go on vacation.  On the way their spaceship breaks down. 
Somehow the stars fall to Earth.  One of the stars land on top of a pine
tree and become the first Christmas tree.  Another star is picked up and
put into a jar.  It becomes the first light build.  Another tries to jump
back into space.  As it jumps into space it becomes the first shooting
star.  I really enjoyed this book, but I cannot remember the title or
author.  Thank you!
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Comment by laungel on Fri 14, Apr 2017 04:17pm:
Is it the Lost Stars by Hannah Cumming?


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