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Question: Korean female assassin raised in prison camp

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Asked by inightingale on Wed 12, Apr 2017 06:25am :
From the last 10 years, this book is about the correctional camps in North
Korea where families of dissidents were sent for life. Raised there, a
Korean female child is selected for training to be an assassin for the
government if she will murder her family. Willing to do anything to escape,
she does and becomes a secret and exceptional assassin for North Korea. She
eventually goes back and adopts a female child from the camp and goes to
America for a kill. The American male fated to stop this is also a killer.
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Comment by sallievern on Wed 12, Apr 2017 10:04am:
The Will Robie books by David Baldacci - "The Target" and "The
Guilty. Chung-Cha was raised and trained in a North Korean


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