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Question: magic vs science culture clash - portal-hopping explorers find scouts from another world

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Asked by kijeren on Wed 12, Apr 2017 03:05pm :
Earth-like world, slightly technologically advanced (possibly alternately
advanced. possibly an old book, and the technology wouldn’t look advanced
by 2017 standards)
On this world, there are (naturally occurring?) holes into a parallel
world.  The parallel planet is similar enough to the home world that
minerals and resources can be located in generally the same place.  There
are no people, but there are more holes, into more worlds. Each succeeding
world, while similar to the one before, is more different from the home
An entire industry (governmental agency?) is built around exploration of
the parallel worlds.
A scouting party, several layers in, meets another scouting party from a
world where magic has advanced to technology. (physics works differently on
the home worlds?)
With no common language and itchy trigger fingers, prisoners are taken and
hijinks ensue.
Once you discover there's a second inhabited world, POV switches between
the two.

Things it is NOT: Piers Anthony's Apprentice Adept/ Phaze series, Charles
Stross' The Merchant Princes, Niel Gamin's Interworld, or Pendragon by D.J.
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Comment by steve on Thu 13, Apr 2017 04:49am:
Hell's Gate series by David Weber?
Comment by elphineas on Tue 30, May 2017 09:01pm:
The Stray? From Andrea Host's Touchstone series? 


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