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Question: Book about a spaceship heading to a new world that isn't where they were told it would be.

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Asked by agentwashingtub on Thu 13, Apr 2017 02:16am :
I read it a couple years ago, maybe more, but the e-reader I had it on
died, so here I am...

The earth is dying and there's not enough resources to sustain the
population, so the government announces the discovery of a new world and
sends a ship out to colonize it. None of the families with people onboard
the ship ever hears from them again. Years later, another ship leaves to
join them, but the people onboard this ship find out there is no new world.
The government just wanted to thin the population on earth. The only world
they find is rocky and practically barren. Long story short, a few people
figure out a way to get back to earth, but they find there had been a
nuclear holocaust while they were gone. 

And that's it. The ending stuck with me because it was such a cliffhanger
and there has to be more. It's a newer book, written after 2000, maybe even
after 2010. Sound familiar to anyone? 
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