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Question: Read this book somewhere mid to late 2000's about a boy transform into a dragon...

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Asked by yosh2112 on Thu 13, Apr 2017 01:11pm :
A young boy who lives with his mother who is a dress maker for the royal
people of her country has people try to kidnap him. Then he blacks out. It
turns out that he is of royal blood and his father was a king in another
land across an ocean. The boy can turn into a dragon due to his heritage
but each time he does so he gets closer to turning into a dragon
permanently. Some other bloodline or group of people can turn into Owls.
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Comment by squish on Thu 13, Apr 2017 03:34pm:
Lord of Snow and Shadows by Sarah Ash.

Raised by his protective
mother in the sunny clime of the south, Gavril Andar knows nothing of
his fatheróor the ominous legacy that awaits him. But his innocence is
about to be shattered. The man who ruled the wintry kingdom of
Azhkendir, a man infused with the burning blood of the dragon-warrior
known as Drakhaoul, has been murdered by his enemies. It is his fiery,
chameleonlike blood that pulses through Gavrilís veins. The news is
Gavrilís first taste of deathóbut it will not be his last. For blood is
the liquid that seals his
Comment by yosh2112 on Fri 14, Apr 2017 10:44am:
That's it! Thank you so much squish!!!


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