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Question: fairy meets three princesses in forest and wishes to turn into a boy

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Asked by liberosis on Thu 13, Apr 2017 01:45pm :
So I read this book a long time ago on GoogleBooks back when they had a lot
of old antique books uploaded on there for free. I only remember bits and
pieces, but the beginning started out where there were three princesses
walking around in the forest and they meet a fairy. The fairy wants to
explore the world but she's a girl and she can't leave so she asks the
princesses to wish for her to turn into a boy. After they do this, she
turns into a knight with a large white horse. 

I don't remember many details after this, but I know that she eventually
meets a pair of twin girls with black hair and red dresses. After all her
adventures, she comes back to the woods and the princesses wish once again
for her to become a fairy. 

I have gone back many times and looked for this book, but have never found
it. Thanks in advance for your help!
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