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Question: 7 Communication Styles

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Asked by laungel on Fri 14, Apr 2017 04:13pm :
Saw this book at B&N 2 years ago and when I went back for it that weekend,
it was gone. Doesn't seem to have been restocked and my research has turned
up nothing.

7 Styles of Communication and the book was yellow/orange or maybe red.  It
is possible there were only 5 styles but I am pretty sure it was seven.
The book is NOT
Assertive/Aggressive/Passive-aggressive/Submissive/Manipulative labels NOR
is it Analytical/Intuitive/Functional/Personal labels.

I only flipped through the book and what I remember is a style/personality
that this particular group of people open up and share their vulnerability
first, making it a safe space for someone else to open up and share. So I
may first share an embarrassing story and this promotes empathy from the
get-go so you are willing to share your story.  
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