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Question: Giant spider in a bowler hat.

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Asked by isaach abdalrahman on Fri 14, Apr 2017 11:53pm :
I first encountered the book in 2009, the main characters are in some sort
of cottage or cabin on an island then a giant spider with a cane and bowlar
hat walks in and then taking of the bowler hat says the phrase "i'm
P.S there is a place/country named sandwich
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Comment by rocambole on Sat 15, Apr 2017 07:41am:
That's Mr Webster, from Larklight by Philip
Comment by isaach abdalrahman on Sat 15, Apr 2017 05:12pm:
thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by rocambole on Sun 16, Apr 2017 02:16am:
Glad to help! Hope you enjoy it.


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