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Question: Carriage accident where lady is speared with wood. Historical Romance 1800's

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Asked by jessb375 on Sat 15, Apr 2017 12:28am :
This is one of the  books in a series. There is a villain trying to murder
or injure the wives or betrothed of the Lords. Vengeance is against the
sons of the Lords who raped her at a party when she was a young girl. The
villian is a woman, who turns out was a madame in Paris before getting a
Lord to marry her and brings her to London. 
This book is about, I think he is a Duke and his wife or betrothed is
injured badly in a deliberate carriage accident. Impaling her with wood in
her stomach. The doctor has to take her womb. So she can never give the
Duke an heir. 
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