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Question: Christmas romance- a ballerina breaks her legs, she rejects her husband knowing she is permanently disabled, he convinces her to give him a chance

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Asked by itshanks on Sun 16, Apr 2017 05:44am :
I would be over the moon if anyone knew the title of this book.

Here are some key events:

+ Starts of in a hospital, she is recovering and planning to leave when her
husband comes and pick her up. They have an argument in the car park.
Because of her injuries she rejects him because she wants him to find a
better wife. Despite this, he convinces her to come home with him.

+ There is a flashback where she tells the story of how she met her
husband. She is a dancer and goes to an audition where they meet. A dying
cat and a neighbor is involved.

+ They stay in a hotel somewhere where he continues to convince her that he
loves her no matter the appearance. They make love a few times.

+ In the bottom of the lobby, they see 2 kids making snowmen. She loves
children and always wanted to have children. 

+ Upset the fact that she always wanted to have children and that it's
something she won't be able to provide her husband, she runs away and meets
an old person outside in the snow. The person persuades her to return to
her husband.

The end.

(It is a modern book and it is set at snowy/Christmas time).  
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Comment by sallievern on Sun 16, Apr 2017 08:58am:
"A Christmas Night to Remember" by Helen Brooks

"On Christmas Eve,
Melody James leaves the hospital to start life anew without her
charismatic, powerful husband, Zeke. The injuries that ended her dancing
career—and her marriage—may have healed, but her heart is still
shattered. Tycoon Zeke fought to be the best, clawing his way from
nothing to the very best, and he's going to fight for Melody. He sweeps
her off to a stunning London penthouse suite, intent on seduction. All
the man who has everything wants for Christmas is his wife—back in his
bed!" https://www.amazon.com/Christmas-Night-Remember-One-ebook/dp/B005WJGMGK


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