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Question: Book 2010-15 Boy who learns magical runes can charge magic into ore/crystal works in mine and unlocks magic ability

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Asked by dm1 on Sun 16, Apr 2017 12:56pm :
Basic story is there is a boy who knows rune like magic and wants to learn
more against farther wishes.  There was a mine in which rival factions were
extracting some valuable ore maybe copper.  One faction could make magical
constructs like mechanical spiders through transferring ennemgrams of
living creatures using the magical ore.  The boy had the ability to charge
the ore with magic.  There as a girl he befriended in the mine camp. 
Slaves for the mines had some type of magical collar to keep them in check.
 Some random man is introduced with amazing abilities and befriends the
boy..  This man ends up being the head of the family that runs the mines. 
Some type of conflict ensues between the mine overseer and the boy and
stranger over a magical artifact.  The story ends with the stranger taking
the boy and the girl back to his city and extorting the boy yo work for him
by threatening the life of the girl.  It seemed like there would be follow
up books.  Can not remember author or book name.  Thanks for your help.
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Comment by dm1 on Tue 06, Jun 2017 08:22am:
I figured this out by reading the next book in the series.  The book is
written by Will Wight and is part of his Cradle series.


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