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Question: Book about homeless girl who decides to care for an even younger girl

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Asked by alybees on Mon 17, Apr 2017 12:16pm :
Ok so I don't know the date I read it about 6 years ago but have no clue
when it was bublished. It's  about this girl ran away from home because her
father remarried and his wife didn't like her. She was like 12 when she ran
away but the story takes place like 2 or 3 years later. She thinks she in
love with anothe homeless teen I think his name is Leo or something. She
finds a little girl who is also homeless and becomes like a big sister to
her. She care for her feeds her they beg on the street together. The guy
she likes ends up leaving her beacause she won't sleep with him and
eventually she rents a room for her and the yoing girl in the house of an
Asian family. But the girl gets tired of being treated like a child and she
leaves one night without saying a word. Distraught and hopeless the other
girl doesn't know what to do. Feeling entirely alone she finally goes to a
train station and calls her father only to learn he left his wife and has
been looking for her for years. I can't for the life of me remember the
tile if someone could please help I'd really appreciate it 
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