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Question: Solved - Book from late 1990s or 2000s - England is invaded by a human empire from another dimension during the English Civil War.

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Asked by worldsinger on Mon 17, Apr 2017 01:02pm :
Starts out from the viewpoint of a man who was sent ahead to spy and
prepare for the invasion of england by his empire, some rebels from the
alternate dimension have come as well and are trying to teach some of the
english how to make more advanced weapons. England ends up being conquered
and the man who was sent ahead to spy becomes the governor of the new
territory. Their are (witches?) who use leylines to open the gateway's
between the universes. And the invading empire relies a lot on airships.
Can't remember most of the other details.
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Comment by worldsinger on Tue 18, Apr 2017 01:07am:
I Found the book, it is called The New World Order.


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