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Question: Future, possibly dystopian, world completely flooded with water. People adapted to live and breathe under water.

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Asked by scarletdawn on Mon 17, Apr 2017 04:42pm :
So I came across a book at my high school library, though I don't remember
the exact year it was sometime between 2006-2010. I think it had a one-word
title and I want to say it was something like "The Wave" or "The Tide" or
something like that. The cover had a picture of blue water and a mermaid
fin. I remember the beginning involved a young adult, I wanna say male,
bursting out of the water and marveling at the world above the water. I
also remember there was a specific city that was completely submerged and
it had a water fountain in the middle of a square where people used to
throw coins in. I think that later on in the story, a small group of young
adult merpeople came to the surface to fight some sort of evil that was
threatening their way of life. 
I vaguely remember a scene where the teens are in some sort of abandoned
warehouse and that's where they'd make their plans. I think they joined
forces with some land-dwellers as well. 
I wish I could remember more, but that title and the cover I described has
been in the back of my mind for years and I need to figure out what book it
was from...!
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