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Question: Steampunk Novel about an Airship and a cabin boy named Axle

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Asked by teddthemole on Tue 18, Apr 2017 05:22am :
I read this book around 2001 so I'm guessing it was written between 1980's
and 2000's (my best guess). Can't remember too much but I remember one of
the main characters being a cabin boy named Axle on an airship. At one
point he gets hanged from the rafters of the airship with someone telling
him to survive hanging there as long as he can and someone having survived
hanging for 3 days.
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Comment by ikhnos on Fri 21, Apr 2017 01:42am:
I think that's Airborn, by Kenneth Oppel.

Or Skybreaker. One is the
sequel to the other.


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