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Question: Science Fiction Novella I read in 1985 - story told from the view of an old alien soldier who lost a war with earth and is now a curiosity to earth tourists

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Asked by tkharris on Tue 18, Apr 2017 11:27am :
The book was a compendium of some sort and it was not new so I imagine it
was originally published in the 1960's or early 70's.  The story was told
from the viewpoint of a humanoid alien soldier who had fought and lost a
war against earth.  The enemy units were made up of small groups of
comrades who were bound together in some way.  Earth invades and the aliens
are doing a pretty good job of fighting off the invaders when their light
goes out and they lose the war.  The light has something to do with the
planet and without it the aliens weapons no longer work.  The loss
devastates the entire proud species.  The old soldier telling the story is
the last of his unit and at the end the ghosts of his comrades appear
around him.  Why the light went out is never explained. I have been looking
for this short novel or long short story for 20 years and have not even
come close to locating it.  Any help is appreciated
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Comment by ymstang on Wed 21, Jun 2017 07:51am:
It sounds like a story by Barry Longyear.  I can't remember the title,
Comment by tkharris on Wed 21, Jun 2017 11:32am:
That's it!  Barry Longyear's short story "The Jaren".  Thank you, thank
you, thank you! Part of his book Manifest Destiny which I just ordered
on Amazon.


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