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This question was answered on Tue 09, May 2017 07:34am by squish

Question: Boy lives alone in woods, burns letters to his dead father

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Asked by martybum on Tue 18, Apr 2017 02:14pm :
the cover of the book is a letter burning. i believe the title is very
short (3 words or so)

the book starts with him writing letters to his dad. he burns the letters
so his dad can read them in the sky. i believe the boy was very spiritual.
his father died of illness and throughout the book the boy describes how
sick his father was and how hard it was to watch him die. i believe he
didn't know his mother. they lived alone in the middle of the woods miles
away from a road. i believe the boy has a dog or cat. he hunts deer for
food. he knows how to write/ takes pride in knowing to read and write. he
walks to the road one day and wants to see a city(?). i think the police
see him and chase after him into the forest and he falls and breaks his
leg/ ankle. he might've fallen into a bear trap and cut his foot deep to
the bone.

i think the final sentence in the letter to his dad is the name of the
book. i read it in 2008/2009.
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Answer by squish on Tue 09, May 2017 07:34am:
Alabama Moon by Watt Key.

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Comment by martybum on Wed 19, Apr 2017 01:28pm:
YES thank you so much! 


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