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Question: Fantasy from 80s, with a sorcerer wore 2 different shoes? Maybe similar to Eddings.

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Asked by prettylou on Wed 19, Apr 2017 12:32am :
If you get this one I'll be impressed. I'm re-reading the Belgariad, and an
echo of a memory hit me about another book.

I must have read it in the late 80s? All I remember is there was a (I think
sorcerer/wizard/???) older guy who was with a boy? (possibly in a horse
drawn wagon). One detail is the sorcerer wore 2 different shoes - which has
absolutely nothing to do with the story, except I think it's mentioned a
couple times. He wears different shoes because it's comfortable (the left
and right from different pairs fit better?). He dresses very shabbily for
the same reason. It could be another book by Eddings, and if so, I'll get
there since I'm going through the series, but it doesn't seem to be one of
those books.

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Comment by rocambole on Wed 19, Apr 2017 02:47am:
Maybe Tom De Haven's Chronicles of the King's Tramp
Comment by sfreader on Wed 19, Apr 2017 08:32am:
It definitely sounds like Eddings. 'Belgarath the Sorcerer' is his
autobiography, and he mentions that he had his clothes and shoes made
specially to look shabby.


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