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Question: Looking for an old children's novel about witches, a gazebo, an old mansion.

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Asked by jade0516 on Wed 19, Apr 2017 03:11pm :
I'm looking for an old children's novel I read when i was young. It was
likely written in the 70's ish it belonged to my grandmother. I believe
there was an old mansion on the cover and maybe an owl. The artwork was a
little dark. It was about a group of women who were witches and were maybe
teaching a young girl who was staying there? There was a gazebo in their
garden which was significant I think. They were looking for an answer to
something about the house I believe. I don't remember much obviously. Im
hoping someone can make some suggestions though I know I didn't provide
much information. 
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Comment by pdesr on Thu 20, Apr 2017 08:27am:

"Give me
back my bracelet,"" intones eldest Messerman sister, sometimes pigeon,
Ingrid, and you know that the leprechaun in the tangled garden isn't
pretending: Maureen Swanson had better watch out. You know too that
you've got ahold of a ghost story, and happily this one doesn't dissolve
into a dream--although rebellious Maureen does find herself back in the
sisters' childhood; and it doesn't turn into a lesson--although she does
assume responsibility for their fate, the first responsibility she's
ever accepted. But mostly this is Maureen, the scourge of the
neighborhood, vs. the pigeon ladies who are ""fancy dressers, high
flyers, smooth talkers and hard haters,"" and if Maureen's a little slow
to catch on for a while, the danger of vanishing forever triggers a
fight to the let's-UNpretend finish. The pigeon ladies leave to do their
worst elsewhere, Maureen is a little better, closing but not strangling
a quick-witted, sharp-tongued entertainment."


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