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Question: Harlequin Romance type book from around late 1990-2010 Heroine is named Taylor who must marry her former boss

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Asked by tln1 on Wed 10, May 2017 03:08pm :
Taylor must marry her former boss, who is a very large Italian movie
executive in order to retain custody of her younger brother. She has raised
her younger brother his whole life, his father is her rich stepfather who
abandoned the family. He has never wanted anything to do with his son till
now and Taylor can't let her little brother be raised by his cold and
delinquent father. Both Taylor and the her former boss have been hurt by
people in their pasts but the two of them are able to come together a not
only make a family for the little brother but for themselves too. I just
loved this book, please help me find the name of it and author if possible.
Thank you. So Sorry This is FICTION, Not Non-Fiction. Oops!
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