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Question: Looking 4 name of a Romance series

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Asked by cassandra15 on Tue 23, May 2017 08:22pm :
(Read from my kindle) 
Woman's grandmother dies so she moves to a small town to run her
grandmothers small cafe. meets a man with 16 year old daughter. falls in
love with him but daughter still not done grieving the death of her mother
who died 4 years before gets in a car with a drunk driver who roles the car
almost killing them. when daughter tell her father why she had been acting
the way she was the woman decides to remove herself from situation so the
father and his daughter can heal properly. but once the daughter over hears
father tell his brother what had happen between them. The daughter then
try's to make it right between her father and the woman. they eventually
work it out and get married and have twin boys.(the 2nd book is about his
brother 3rd is about is other brother 4th is about the daughter falling in
love at college 5th book is about I'm not 100% sure)
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Comment by cassandra15 on Mon 29, May 2017 03:35pm:


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