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Question: Girl lives with her aunt and there is a guy following her everywhere

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Asked by bvml6571 on Wed 24, May 2017 06:49pm :
Honestly my memory is all over the place for this book so please excuse my
awful explanation. So there's a book I read that's the first in a series
which is also unknown to me. It's about a girl who lives with her aunt
after her mom passes away and she goes to the high school there. This girl
from the high school dies and it's blown up all over the school. This guys
is practically stalker her and follows her everywhere even to like the fair
or carnival event. And I also remember her having to break into the
basement of this church I believe. I know it's a crazy all over the place
description but I read a lot and I've completely forgotten about it please
help me if you can I'd love to start the series properly this time 
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