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Question: Book about a daughter who walks to gain the respect of her father

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Asked by markhawtin100 on Sun 04, Jun 2017 11:07pm :
I heard about a book about a young lady, the daughter whose father was in
the Army that i wanted track down.  She took to getting up and leaving her
house and going on great walks across the world to gain his respect.  I
think she and the family were based in the UK.  Thanks.
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Comment by nannyogg on Mon 05, Jun 2017 10:44am:
This sounds like Ffyona Campbell's books about her walk around the
world. She wrote three: 'Feet of Clay' was about her walk across
Australia, 'On Foot Through Africa' is, well, what it says on the tin,
and 'The Whole Story' is also what it says on the tin (the story of the
walk around the world from beginning to end).


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