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Question: 1990s or 2000s idk- Mice stealing pizza from a chef

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Asked by bumblebee764 on Tue 06, Jun 2017 07:37am :
It's about a chef cooking pizza and I remember mice running across the
counter and stealing it from him. I think he's a mean chef or something, I
can't really remember. The cover has the chef and the mice on it with a
green background. It's a picture book. 
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Comment by pdesr on Tue 06, Jun 2017 01:15pm:
"Pizza Pat" by Rita Golden Gelman.

"Pizza is fun to make. Pizza Pat
stretches the floppy dough, puts on the gloppy tomatoes, adds the sloppy
sausages, sprinkles on the cheese, and then pops it in the oven. But
just before he cuts into his delicious pizza pie, he turns his back for
one second--and the pizza disappears! A gang of hungry mice have taken
Pat's irresistible creation away for themselves. "


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