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Question: Book from 2000s- Girl lives with father and evil "stepmother" in an old house; the stepmother tries to kill her throughout the book.

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Asked by firefly8254 on Thu 08, Jun 2017 04:04pm :
The book is about a girl who lives with her dad and stepmother. The
stepmother had some ritual done with the stepsister that did something evil
to them. At the end, the girl almost dies when she's stuck in the shed with
it on fire. The stepmother tries to kill her throughout the book I think.
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Comment by dodsonic on Thu 08, Jun 2017 05:03pm:
I think you are looking for Locked in Time by Lois Duncan.  The girl is
Nore, and she has a 'younger' stepsister as well as a stepbrother. The
ritual the stepmother had done was a voodoo spell to make them immortal
so they are all actually over 100 years old. When Nore finds out the
secret her stepbrother tries to burn her in the shed.


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