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Question: Looking for a book of short stories and poems with a pair of goblin siblings

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Asked by rookmoonhammer on Sat 10, Jun 2017 01:02am :
Hi, Ive been looking all over for a kids book I had when I was a teenager.
I remember getting it around 2002-2003. I remember that it was about a
little yellow brother and sister trolls (I think its trolls) and they were
going somewhere and they passed by alot of other faeries and other
creatures. It was a book of short stories and poems. the inside back cover
had pictures of hooded figures pulling silver glowing apples from trees at
night time. it came with a rune cipher card. Literally all i remember about
the book and any little bit helps. Also the art style is somewhat like
froud, but i looked his stuff up and its not him but similar. Thank you in
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