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Question: Book from 60s/70s - Girl in historical England falls for neighbor/secret arranged marriage

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Asked by eef on Sat 10, Jun 2017 05:02am :
I'm looking for a book I read in an Irish library in the late 80s. I think
it must have been published sometime between the late 60s and the early

It's set in medieval/early modern England, between 1400-1600. A spoiled
teenage girl, whose mother has died and father is distant, goes to stay
with her crotchety aunt. She becomes friendly with a neighboring boy,
Lewis, who she initially finds irritating.
They fall in love and there's opposition from the families - but the aunt
triumphs by showing that she and Lewis were married as young children when
the families were friendly before they fell out (Civil War?) The girl's
father had been trying to annul the marriage to wed her elsewhere. The aunt
deliberately introduced the girl to the neighbor in the hope that they'd
fall in love.
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