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Question: Book from 1990s - girl wont put her clothes on because of a vampire, werewolf, ghost and witch

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Asked by alexbuch on Sat 10, Jun 2017 05:39am :
I am looking for a book that I encountered some time in the 1990's. It is
about a child who won't get ready for school. Her mum tells her were her
shoes, socks, shorts and tshirt are but she won't go in each of the rooms
because there is was a vampire with her shorts, a werewolf with her tshirt,
a ghost wearing her shoes and I think it was a witch with her socks. Her
mum goes to investigate and finds that her daughter was telling the truth.
When she tells her daughter, she thinks her mum is pretending and goes to
get her shoes, socks, shorts and tshirt. She then walks to school with the
four monsters following behind her.
I cannot for the life of me remember the title or author of the book, but
the line 'I can't go in there. There's a vampire in there' comes to mind.
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