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Question: Book series from the early 2000's, maybe 2010's where 2 children of a scientist in space go on adventures.

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Asked by 8i8luminous on Sat 10, Jun 2017 07:09am :
I read this series in middle school, so it had to be published before 2012.
I believe the first book in the series was about 2 kids who lived in their
father's house that was floating in space. He was a scientist I think. I
can distinctly remember the sister (I keep thinking that her name was
Myrtle) had gained a crush on a young boy who was something of a space
pirate. I can remember he was black, and the 2 siblings were white. They
are chapter books with limited illustrations. There are at least 2 books in
the series, but I can only remember the limited details from the first
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Comment by sfreader on Sat 10, Jun 2017 10:45am:
The Larklight series by Philip Reeve.
"Arthur (Art) Mumby and his
irritating sister Myrtle live with their father in the huge and rambling
house, Larklight, travelling through space on a remote orbit far beyond
the Moon. One ordinary sort of morning they receive a correspondence
informing them that a gentleman is on his way to visit, a Mr Webster.
Visitors to Larklight are rare if not unique, and a frenzy of
preparation ensues. But it is entirely the wrong sort of preparation, as
they discover when their guest arrives, and a Dreadful and Terrifying
(and Marvellous) adventure begins. It takes them to the furthest reaches
of Known Space, where they must battle the evil First Ones in a
desperate attempt to save each other - and the Universe. Recounted
through the eyes of Art himself,"


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