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Question: 2000s-ish young fantasy novel about a scrawny orphan boy who grows wings; turns out to be a fallen angel's son?

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Asked by chaetealatte on Sun 11, Jun 2017 07:44pm :
Okay, I know I borrowed this book from the library as a kid, but I haven't
been able to locate it for years. However I know so many specific details
about it that I know it has to be real.
The story is about an orphan boy (his name was something very normal -
maybe Tom or Ed?) who is very scrawny and regularly bullied at the
orphanage where he lives. He regularly feels an itching sensation on his
back, and one day they sprout into wings. A suspicious man with scissors
who has become a substitute teacher to Ed turns out to be attempting to cut
his wings off, but he escapes.
It turns out that he is the son of fallen angels? And the fallen angels
become animals once they fall - I distinctly remember one of the angels was
a female that became an ermine. I think his dad was a porcupine. And Ed is
able to go to another world where the angels love and is given his purpose
etc, but I never got past the first book! Any clue what this is? 
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Comment by steve on Tue 13, Jun 2017 07:51am:
I have not read it but this matches the cover part of the description.
Jason Lethcoe's The Mysterious Mr. Spines 1 Wings (2009)
2 Flight (2009) 3 Song (2009) Good Hunting, Steve


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