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This question was answered on Sun 25, Jun 2017 09:08pm by pdesr

Question: 70s Boy and his orange kitten named Penny

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Asked by sisserydoo on Tue 13, Jun 2017 08:38pm :
At least two stories about a boy and his orange kitten named Penny. They
might be in the same book, kind of like chapters. In one story the kitten
has to be rescued from a tree by firefighters. 
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Answer by pdesr on Sun 25, Jun 2017 09:08pm:
Maybe "Surprise in the Tree" by Sara Asheron.

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Comment by sisserydoo on Wed 14, Jun 2017 03:24pm:
I'm pretty sure that's it! I can't see inside, but I'm going to order
it. The art looks very familiar, but it's hard to be sure because I was
about 5 when I read it! Thanks so much! :o)


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